Yunyin: Jeeennn!! Update the paaaagggeee!!

VenusStars: ::Covers ears:: Hey! SOME of us have three different pages to keep track of, y'know..

Yunyin: Hmph.

VenusStars: Anyway....I've finally got time for updates! All of Yunyin's profiles are now up (Besides one..), We've got a new little art gallery, and the guestbook has been fixed once more. We're working on the storylines and really do hope to have some up soon.

Welcome to the Time Bomb Warriors homepage! You'll find profiles of our characters and a few art examples (There will be MUCH more art from both me and Yunyin once I get my new scanner.) Now that the guestbook's working, we'd appreciate some input from some of you 300 people who have been here...^_^* C'mon, that's why we started the online project, we want to know what people think!

The story is your basic anime plot: girls (and a couple guys) who fight evil. but there are LOTS of plot twists and strange ideas, so maybe you won't find it your typical anime. Or maybe you will. We intend to, someday, make this story into a comic. Further still, we hope to one day make it an anime! Who knows, maybe we'll make it happen. But until then, enjoy!

Note: Senshi means warriors. I only use the term in this sense, not in relation to Sailor Moon Senshi.
Japanese Lesson: Fuku is Uniform. Or at least I'm told it is.

Character Profiles:

Aquarius - One of the 2 males in our series. He's also got a twin..

Destiny - a cute little red haired princess from another dimension.

Pheonix - Aquarius's twin sister, the leader of one group of senshi.

Solaris - Feisty senshi of heat, lover of dustbunnies. ^_^

Tsunami - The quiet Warrior of destruction, who loves cuteness.

Nova - The youngest of Pheonix's senshi, and also the smartest.

Orion - The hunter, Alisha's boyfriend. What a cutie...^_^*

Mirage - Kawaii senshi of illusion, reluctant to fight.

Crystal - A slightly ditzy member of the group, she has a twin who is her opposite.

Prism - The more serious twin, a good fighter.

The Unnamed Senshi (YUNIN...come up with something!) - A pretty girl with a tragic past.

Stars - No information as of yet.

New!Mini Time Bomb Gallery - A few pics we've drawn on computer. If anyone wants to help us in this department we'd be very greatful...^_^;

NEWNEWNEW!!A Prequel to Time Bomb Warriors! - YES, people, an actual STORY! I posted my prequel. I hope you all like it!!

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Sorry about that, people. ^_^ I realize the Guestbook wasn't working. It's REALLY fixed now.

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